Who is Salto?

Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Since it was founded in 2001, SALTO System has been offering electronic solutions for wireless or key free access control.  We aim at continuous improvement and we are fully committed to innovation and development of more flexible  and technologically advanced access control solutions that adapt to any types of doors and needs. We are consolidated as a worldwide market leader in electronic access control solutions from Guipuzcoa to the world.

At Salto, we are fully committed with our environment, sport and accessibility.

We are aware that , as social actors who carry out a business activity,  we do have a responsibility about our environment and climate change.

We would like to decrease our environmental impact by minimizing consumption of natural resources and reducing our carbon footprint.  In order to reach  zero impact, we follow a policy of emission reduction. We try to minimize the impact of our activity on the environment by implementing sustainability policies, responsible consumption, recycling and energy efficiency.

We support sports events and we develop sports projects. Our focus?  To support disability, sport and social action. We promote and collaborate with social initiatives in our environment that favor the social development of those around us through sports as the main axis. We sponsor teams, we participate in solidarity initiatives and we are proud sponsors of paralympic athletes and several accessibility and sports programs in Gipuzkoa and around the world. We are committed with the values ​​of sport and we want all people to have access to the practice of sport, regardless of their abilities and physical limitations.

We play an important role in social development through free2move.org initiative and we encourage participation of mobility impaired people in adaptive sport.

In addition to all this, SALTO sponsors individual and team projects such as SALTO Bera-Bera and wheelchair basketball in Gipuzkoa,  We became main sponsor of Donostia's 15K in 2018 and we also sponsor San Sebastian International Cross. We are one of the main sponsors of the Bidasoa Atletico Taldea (BAT) , which brings athletics closer to schoolchildren, federated athletes, veterans and women.  We also sponsor the CAR - Rentería Athletic Club, we help handbike athelte Ion Galarraga complete his calendar of events and we collaborate with Fortuna CD, organizer of the Behobia - San Sebastián.

We encourage sport practice, healthy habits and solidarity.  Sport is synonym of effort, team work , personal development and cooperation. And these are values ​​with which we identify ourselves.